What’s the Hype for Windows VPS?

Virtual private server or VPS allows for multiple servers to be hosted on the same platform. Unlike shared hosting, VPS allows websites to work independent of each other on the same platform as if they were hosted by their own dedicated servers. Using VPS servers is more practical and economical for the user. It allows website to operate independently and be flexible while being hosted at a reasonable price.

This article will explain the two main operating systems that VPS hosting services can be run on and why Windows VPS is becoming popular.

Types of Operating Systems

Windows and Linux are the two main operating systems which can be installed on the VPS.


It is a free, open-source operating system that has a Unix-based system. It provides a flexible user interface, so you can alter the user interface components to suit your preferences. The code used to create Linux is available to the public and those who have the skills to enhance it can do so too.


Windows offers a largely fixeduser interface which helps you run applications and do anything else you want. It is built for commercial use.

Since servers are very much like personal computers, the kind of OS you choose will have implications on the kind of hosting service provided.

Factors Affecting VPS

Below are factors that can be used to determine whether you should go for Windows VPS or Linux VPS.


If you compare Windows to Linux, the former is more vulnerable to attacks. Linux offers a more secure environment. However, regardless of the operating system, if you don’t keep your applications up to date (such as your WordPress site), be prepared for hacking attempts and losing your critical data.


Linux eats less RAM as compared to Windows. If you compare two servers with different operating systems but same features, the Windows VPS will be more expensive as the operating system eats more memory as compared to its counterpart. Therefore, you will need to buy more RAM or processors with a Windows VPS to ensure optimal performance.

However, the Linux plan usually comes with a monthly licensing fee and its control panel also eats up memory. As a result, both plans end up at a similar price point, especially if you have a huge site.


Migrating your offline system online can have issues in terms of compatibility. If you are using Windows and you take this stuff online to a Linux-based server, you will have to deal with a lot of problems. Most files cannot be executed, and you would need to put in lot of effort to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Windows VPS is becoming more popular than Linux VPS, but you will have to decide whether you want convenience with Windows VPS or safety with Linux VPS which is harder to setup and sustain.