How To Get Your First 1000 Engaged Followers on Instagram

To generate engaged Instagram followers does not seem to be a walk in the park. There are various strategies in place by which you can enhance your presence on social media. There does present so much attention to generate and for sure this seems to be a priority for individuals along with brands. Let us now explore ways on how to engage first 1000 followers on Instagram

Try to choose a theme and be consistent

Numerous accounts are there and you need to figure out a way where you are different from the rest. Do try to explore such ways where you can stem out of the crowd. Each and everything that you go on to post should have a purpose. It needs to make the people laugh. If you do not follow a consistent pattern people will go on to unfollow you.

Follow a posting schedule in a consistent manner

Once a day, you need to post. You will not grow you are going to post once in a while. The followers will visit you expecting content and you need to comply with that.

Each post presents an opportunity to attract new followers. Each time I go on to post I gain about 300 comments. In nearly when I post something a likable tag follows. If I establish a connection I gain a new follower.

Research and then incorporate the hashtags

With new algorithms in place, hashtags have become a valuable commodity. For your target audience, you need to locate relevant hashtags. There are only 30 hashtags per post to make it a point that you do use all. If you are in love with any of them do copy paste and then paste them on to the comments section.

At optimum times you can post for your audience

You need to research your audience and then post according to their time zones. The audience has to scroll at those times. The best activity would be better if you stick to night times. So post your content according to bedtime in most zones.

Your content has to be pleasing and shareable

Not only your content should be pleasing but it has to be sharable as well. No one would go on to share content if you have gone on to watermark it. The risk would be really difficult for anyone to take.

Say in case if anyone wants to report, and you are running a huge ad post over it then no one dares to post it. When people report their accounts they are doing a promotion for free.

At the same time, it would be better if you can watermark all original content.  People should know the credit of who have gone on to undertake the original. You need to deserve the credit for the exposure. To watermark content would be your right and it cannot be a bothersome issue at all.