The guide to buying smart home gadgets

In the age of technology, people always rely on various gadgets to make their life easier. With the advancement of science over the years, every gadget can be accessible via the internet. Nowadays different smart home gadgets are available all over the world. Various smart home gadgets have been launched over the years to make human life simpler.

Ring video doorbell 2

Usefulness: The doorbell can be converted to a WiFi security camera when needed. There is an app available which helps the owner to see, hear and talk to the person who is at the door. The doorbell comes with a special sensor which sends a notification to the owner’s phone when someone presses the Bell or comes near the door.

Cons: Although it shouldn’t be counted as a con but to review, share and store certain data one needs to pay a minimum amount of 30$ for 12 months subscription. The battery should be changed every 6 months to a year if the Bell isn’t powered.

Reasons to buy: There is a variety of video doorbell available in the market, but the ring doorbell has certain features such as sharing the clips with the neighbours who own ring.

Lutron Caseta Light Switches

Usefulness: The Lutron Caseta Light Switches are special because one can control its activities through an app, remote or voice command. The activities can be set from beforehand like commanding the porch lights to turn on after it is dark outside or when someone is out on vacation then the lights can be set at random. When someone wants to wake up in the morning it can command the system from beforehand to make the lights brighter in the morning, and one can command “goodnight” to Siri, and the whole house will slowly switch off the lights.

Cons: The Lutron caseta light switches do not have any downside as such. One can hire an electrician to install it or can do it by himself. The lights require a hub which is included in the starter kit, and it should be attached to the home router.

Reasons to buy: When the internet connection goes out, the caseta light switches still works fine. It can be used as old-fashioned light switches. It can be easily connected to Alexa, nest, IFTTT, apple home kit and others to name a few. It does testing for hackers and gives an update to the hub.

Sonos one multi-room speaker

Usefulness: Nowadays talking speakers are a craze all over the world, and people pay a large amount of money to get the best of them. But the Sonos speaker comes within 200$ and is the best in the price range. It has the ability to change its voice among Alexa and Google assistant. The Sonos speaker comes in various shapes and sizes and can fit in any room.

Cons: Some of the disadvantages of the Sonos one is that it costs twice as much as the Google home and the Echo by Amazon. The Google assistant and the Apple airplay 2 won’t be compatible until 2018, and the Alexa voice command is unintuitive which might improve over time.

Reasons to buy: The Sonos comes out with frequent software updates. It also has a button on top which can help to switch off the microphone from listening.

Ecobee 4 Thermostat

Usefulness: In the market, there are various types of thermostats available which does a good job providing the temperature required. Although other thermostats require to control the temperature himself but the ecobee has the sensor to sense which room has people in them and controls the temperature accordingly.

Cons: The ecobee comes with one sensor, but extra sensors cost 80$ each. And the ecobee 4 does not work with very well with the ancient heating system and needs to buy an external AC transformers.

Reasons to buy: Without the internet, the ecobee4 works absolutely fine. The Amazon Alexa has speaker and microphone inbuilt on the thermostat. It also works with Apple home kit and Google home as well.

The above mentioned smart home gadgets are trending all over the world. With the help of these gadgets, one can make their life much easier. There are various deals and offers available at Dealvoucherz which might help the buyer to get a certain percentage of discount against any of the items. Throughout the year multiple discounts, sale and offers are given to the customers to prevail it and to keep their home gadgets updated.